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Are you destined for Success Overseas? Identify whether your real success is domestically or overseas bound. Health trends covered. Career Plan, shape, or completely change your career at will. Find out how! Love Problems in love, marriage, relations or anything in between? Yoga - the rare lucky combination of your horoscope Major planetary combinations in birth chart, called Yoga, can change your destiny. It corresponds with Libra Energy. This house rules the body parts like waist, lower abdomen, kidney, navel, small intestine, the upper part of the large intestine, appendix, etc.

A weak 6th house may cause sicknesses like constipation, appendicitis, hernia and even psychiatric problems. The 7th house descendent sits directly across from the first house Ascendant.

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This house is also known as Yuvati Bhava. It is also the house of all kinds of partnerships including business partnership and also deals with the darker side of your relationships, the partnerships you form. Planets moving through the Seventh House help you close deals, securing the bonds by signing contracts and making things official. As this house is ruled by Libra sign, planet Venus is the natural significator of this house that also signifies love, romance, and sexuality. It is also related to wealth. Sudden losses, gains, the share of properties fall under the 8th house realm.

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This house is also the house of mysteries and transformations. It can bring depression, chronic illness, miseries, lack of mental peace, imprisonment etc to the person affected.

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However on a positive note, the native may have strong intuitive skills and such people can also master the fields of psychology, astrology, mathematics, and paranormal activities. Several various body parts governed by this sign include pelvic bones and external sexual organs. Truth, principles, dreams, and intuitions all define the ninth house.

The 9th house corresponds with Sagittarius energy which is signified by Jupiter that makes this house the house of luck, fortune, and favors. The various parts of the body under control of this house are thighs, thigh bones, bone marrow, left leg, and arterial system. Different body parts ruled by this house are knees, kneecaps, bones, and joints.

A weakness of the 10th house may cause health-related problems like broken knees, inflammation of joints, weakness in the body and skin allergies, etc. Labha Bhava in Vedic astrology is the house of prosperity. Body parts that this house governs include ankle, right leg, shin bone, left ear, and left arm. A native with weak 11th house in their native chart may have to face problems of low productivity of blood, pain in legs, fracture in the lower part of the body, etc.

Being the last house, the 12th house in Vedic astrology represents the ending of your life cycle and the beginning of your spiritual journeys. The detachment can also be in the form of death. Numerology Life Analysis. Married Life - Next 12 Months.

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More Muhurtas. Rashifal Money Travel. See More. Your birth Moon sign is Aries. The Moon is transiting through the tenth house from Aries. All astrological books have confirmed that the transit of the Moon in the tenth house of Aries is extremely favorable.