Capricorn astrology constellation

In terms of stars few bright stars or Deep Sky Objects.

Observing Capricornus

Its brightest star Delta Capricorni A being a white giant with a luminosity 8. Located light years way, this star system consists of Dabih Major Beta-1 and Dabih Minor Beta-2 ; both of which is actually composed of multiple stars — Beta-1 is composed of a three stars while Beta-2 is a double star. It is composed of two star systems, Prima Giedi Alpha-2 Capricorni and Secunda Giedi Alpha-2 Capricorni ; the former being a double star located light-years away, and the latter is a G-type yellow giant light years away.

The only Deep Sky Object associated with this constellation is Messier 30 , a globular cluster located approximately 28, light years from Earth.

This cluster is currently approaching us at a speed of about km per second, and was one of the first Deep Sky Objects discovered by Charles Messier in and included in The Messier Catalog. The constellation is located in an area of sky called the Sea or Water, consisting of many watery constellations such as Aquarius, Pisces, and Eridanus.

For binocular observers, the best place to start is to the northwestern corner first to find Alpha Capricorni. This is an absolutely beautiful optical double star that goes by the traditional name of Algiedi. Put a telescope on it, because Prima Giedi is a true binary star.

Capricorn Symbol

Secunda Giedi. For even more fun, aim your telescope all the way across the constellation at the northeastern corner for Delta Capricorni.


Similar to Algol, Delta Capricorni A is an eclipsing binary. Its unresolved companion orbits with Capricorni A around their common centre of mass every 1. Two other stars are thought to orbit further out in the system. The sixteenth magnitude Delta Capricorni C is one arc minute away, while the thirteenth magnitude Delta Capricorni D is two arc minutes away from the primary. Now go back to binoculars and hop one bright star west to take a look at Gamma Capricorni.

It is approximately light years from Earth.

Capricornus Constellation Stars – Astrology King

It is classified as an Alpha2 Canum Venaticorum type variable star and its brightness varies by 0. Now, go right in the center for Theta. It is approximately light years from our solar system. By continuing on the page you agree to the use of our cookie and privacy policy I understand. I'm shopping from Most wanted.

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