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Libra’s Regulatory Horoscope

Facebook has faced a seemingly endless stream of scandals in the past few years, many of which have raised questions of whether the company can be trusted or whether it keeps its users' best interests at the forefront of what it does. But Facebook is trying to dispel that narrative with its new cryptocurrency; CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the launch of Libra is a part of the company's "v ision for a privacy-focused social platform. So that makes Libra an apt choice to name the cryptocurrency, astrologists told Business Insider.

Seems like a nice picture to paint of itself. The world of astrology and horoscopes has boomed into a billion-dollar industry that has grown exponentially in popularity. Kelly, who hosts a mythological podcast called "Stars Like Us," says booms in interest in astrology have correlated with "periods of uncertainty," such as in the wake of the presidential election.

For Facebook, whose year has been tumultuous, choosing Libra as the name to turn over a new leaf seems far from coincidence. Search icon A magnifying glass.

Libra (cryptocurrency)

It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Paige Leskin. No, they don't work for Facebook either.

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Yes, there are some bodies of code that are remarkably reliable. Linux is a great example — it powers over half of all the web servers in the world!

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Linux performs a function that was thoroughly understood when it was written, and is an open-source project written in a solid language — C — and led by a true coding genius. Its quality was achieved over years of top-notch leadership with thousands of talented contributing programmers and millions of installations. Libra is at the opposite end of the spectrum. The chances it will perform without flaws from the beginning are essentially nil. Yes, Facebook is partnering with lots of corporate giants — and those giants are equally accomplished at releasing an unbroken stream of software horror shows.

Libra Behavior

Facebook ignores the issue of its inability to produce software that works and satisfies users, much less have a solution for it that it will apply to Libra. The much-lauded software geniuses at Facebook , Twitter , Google and the rest are convinced that they are as good as programmers get. But their efforts have a track record of failure.

More important than the actual failures is the fact that their applications are ones in which hiding errors is built into the applications!

A Libra Primer: Facebook’s new national currency – On my Om

When you enter a search query, how do you know whether the results are accurate, so long as you get a list of vaguely relevant results? When you pull up Facebook and see the newsfeed, are the entries always the right ones? Are all the entries that should be there in fact there?

Contrast this with your credit card.

You get a statement. Facebook, like the other internet giants, is incapable of building code that works , even after extensive testing and use by millions of users.