True node astrology pisces

Releasing the need to be seen as flawless. Letting go of workaholic tendencies. Moving away from a public identity associated with perfectionism and being a workaholic. No longer needing to be seen as the efficiency expert. Releasing yourself from groups and associations that have narrowly defined conditions for membership. Having a more fluid and gentle self-expression.

No longer associating with people who are picky, critical or fault-finding. Developing your personal, imaginative creative self-expression. Moving away from feeling that people are only interested in your practical side. Giving yourself permission to take up completely impractical hobbies. Taking up scuba diving, synchronized swimming, music, poetry, dancing or any other hobby that has few, if any, realistic applications. Learning how to play with your imagination. Learning how to extend more kindness and gentleness to your children. Learning how to be kinder with yourself and your creative projects.

Realizing that taking a vacation where you simply space out for a week is okay. Releasing yourself from overly detailed work involving groups and organizations. No longer being the treasurer or secretary of whatever group you get involved in. Putting less emphasis on what makes members of a group different from everyone else. No longer dividing groups of people into categories. Putting more emphasis on how your personal expression of empathy and sensitivity helps your imagination blossom.

Easing up on your exceedingly practical long-term goals. Making room in your life for inspired creativity — for the sheer joy of it. Moving away from over critical internal attitudes. Letting go of self-sabotaging perfectionist behavior. No longer needing to categorize and remedy every fear and phobia. Getting over any self-sabotaging fears of being organized or doing inner work.

Pisces North Node

Beginning to bring a more imaginative approach to work. Learning to be gentler with your health. Giving yourself more compassion when it comes to your diet and exercise routine. Embracing dance as a method of exercise. Finding a way to bring more fluidity to your daily schedule.

Relieving yourself of internal nagging. Saying goodbye to the inner critic that prevents you from accomplishing your dreams in the real world. Finding a job that allows you to express your imagination. No longer trying to escape by inundating yourself with busy work. Developing more compassion for your coworkers and employees. Learning empathy through service. Volunteering to help those less fortunate. Merging into your daily schedule so that your private and daily lives are seamless. Bringing more spirituality to your work. Beginning to embrace holistic medicine and noninvasive health remedies.

No longer compartmentalizing your free time. No longer scrutinizing your dreams, your fears or your sorrows. Becoming less judgmental toward your own inner life. Moving through your schedule like a dancer. Developing work skills by developing empathy, compassion, imagination, receptivity and sensitivity. Realizing that you need to work in an environment that allows you to explore your imagination. Realizing that you need to use your imagination every single day, on schedule, as a routine.

No longer being so critical of your appearance. No longer picking yourself apart. No longer criticizing the way you do everything. No longer needing to look, behave or act perfectly. Letting go of a tendency to dissect and separate everyone in your environment into distinct groups. Releasing the urge to categorize experiences.

Releasing a tendency to keep yourself separate from others to avoid too much merging. Moving away from an overly practical approach to allow for more inspiration to enter your life. Releasing over-concern with issues of personal purity. Getting over any obsessions with personal cleanliness.

Getting over any obsessions with personal grooming and neatness. Easing up on the need to keep your direction in life free from the clutter of input from other people. No longer resisting the chaos and confusion that relationships can bring. Becoming willing to engage in significant relationships no matter how confusing they may be. Embracing the inspiration and fluidity that other people bring into your life. Tapping into your spirituality through relationships with other people.

Becoming more compassionate in your significant relationships. Blending with others, yet remaining a distinct individual with separate boundaries. Letting other people mess up your plans. Releasing judgmental attitudes by becoming more receptive to other people. Letting other people pervade your experiences. Willing to blur your personal boundaries in an effort to understand other people. Bringing more people into your life who are imaginative, poetic, musical, inspirational and artistically sensitive.

Letting go of a tendency to worry in favor of becoming more accepting of the people and relationships in your life. Cutting some slack for the people in your life. Letting other people and their complicated lives mess up your plans sometimes. Becoming less particular about what you consider important. Beginning to let your priorities merge with those of others. Becoming less judgmental or critical about sex. Letting go of prudish attitudes. No longer being so concerned with cleanliness and purity concerning your body.

Being less picky about what you really need to survive. Becoming more accepting of the inevitability of death. Beginning to feel yourself merge in an intimate way with other people. Releasing yourself from priorities that are unnecessarily tedious and ultimately trivial. Getting in touch with any psychic gifts. Allowing yourself to explore any mediumistic talents you may have.

General Astrology

Exploring dream therapy or music therapy. Becoming finely attuned to what other people consider to be important. Becoming sensitive to the problems of others.

Pisces North Node / Virgo South Node

No longer picking apart your finances or keeping excruciatingly detailed notes and files. No longer needing to have every last dime accounted for. Realizing that there are intangible, nonverbal experiences to be shared with others that are more important than anything you can measure or list. Letting go of resistances to getting your personal priorities sullied by other people. Learning to be more compassionate toward your sex partners. Learning to be more accepting of people when they share with you at a deep level.

Learning to take the whole into account when forming opinions about experiences that are outside your everyday life. Releasing overly analytical thinking patterns and critical ways of speaking. Expanding your horizons gently. Embracing a more compassionate life philosophy. Letting yourself explore imaginative intuition. Beginning to view travel as a way to escape and find inspiration. No longer being so bogged down in the details of your comings and goings. No longer needing to tell people every detail of every interaction you have. Easing up on your mental lists.

Resisting the urge to say every criticism you think. Finding meaning in selflessness. Practicing humility as a life philosophy. Letting go of obsessive daily worry. Learning to relax nervous habits. Developing gentle faith. Letting go of over-adherence to the facts. Beginning to believe in things that have no data sheets, statistics or tables to back them up. Believing in something without picking it apart. Giving in to your desire for a spiritual quest. Taking a chance at following a spiritual guru or leader.

Virgo-Pisces Moon Nodes in the Birth Chart

Moving beyond endless fussing over the details and running in mental circles. Beginning to think beyond practical everyday concerns. Opening up to experiences that have no sign posts, no guide books and no lists of things to do. Letting go of the private inner critic. Letting go of the part of yourself that secretly picks apart every outer experience. Beginning to become known as someone who has imagination and vision. Having a career that champions the imagination. Becoming a filmmaker or actor.

Realizing your need to get beyond doing household chores and into doing something idealistic and inspirational. Letting your compassion and gentleness form your reputation.

Pisces North Node: Your Virgo Typecasting

Refusing to let nagging inner criticisms prevent you from fulfilling your dreams. No longer letting emotional security needs, and the need for perfection, prevent you from going after your dreams. Letting yourself mingle and merge with the world outside your door. Developing a public identity as a dreamer and a poet. Bringing your artistic vision to the outside world. Bringing your spiritual inspiration to the outside world. Letting go of any over-cautious health concerns that make you virtually home-bound.

Moving away from perfecting your personal hobbies and interests. Letting go of personal projects that demand painstaking attention to detail. Releasing critical attitudes to children or artistic expression. No longer being a purest when it comes to your hobbies or interests. Letting yourself mingle with people who share your interests, without criticizing them or picking them apart.

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Letting yourself actually pick up outside creative influences. Learning how to bring your imagination and inspiration to the group. Lightening up on your personal creative strategies. Learning how to go with the flow in group situations. No longer keeping your interests distinct and separate from the group. Becoming more sensitive and receptive in group situations. Associating with people who are kind, compassionate, sympathetic and inspirational. Spending less time organizing and categorizing your interests.

To progress, the type is organizing the physical and mental closet. The zodiacal constellation of Pisces has been caught up in cycles of suffering, illusions, and self-undoing. Taking the path of least resistance; they have to fight the tendency of surrendering with ease. The person may have been overly dependent on others, easily confused, disillusioned, and life may have got chaotic. The individual is now understanding how to apply their talents and craft something out of their dreams. Also, by making a useful contribution in the name of service they make themselves available on the earth plane.

The most important goal for this nodal axis is sorting out their life; they should go for health checks when needed and notice when things need fixing. The person is also learning to better define goals, pay attention to details, focus on diet, exercise, medicine, and healing. In many ways, this is a purifying lifetime and, above all, there are lessons in self-discipline, learning how to be more efficient, and orderly. In short, the focus is now on self-improvement and paying attention to the immediate environment.

They are also applying their energy to balance their enormous empathy and tendency to be pulled into the sea of saviour-martyr situations, falling for every sob story and wanting to help everybody else. The person could be interested in writing, analyzing, editing, evaluating and honing their technical skills.