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These are also the years when we need to look at re-discovering our life direction and soul purpose. There are many ways to do that, but astrologically we benefit from looking at the signs and houses position of our North and South Nodes. The North Node speaks to the direction your Soul longs to go towards in this life and the South Node holds your past re-incarnational story and traits that you want to move away from.

The Nodes are a magnet that pulls the astrological chart together, synthesizing and highlighting the confusing bits of sometimes paradoxical information in the birth chart. They were always used by the ancient astrologers and are used in Indian Vedic astrology; although they put a different twist on the meaning of the Nodes which is more fitting for Indian than Western psychology.

Modern astrologers have rediscovered them—and I believe they are true astrological gold. Astrological gold? An astrologer might say they offer a mercurial secret knowledge. The North Node seeks to bring wholeness to the psyche by compensating for whatever is not balanced within us. It holds our Soul aspirations and is like a guiding compass or a North star. The description of your Nodal sign can be found for free in the table on my North Node Astrology site, where all you need to find it is your birthday and year.

The Nodes give you more specific information on how to deal with this time of your life. As the saying goes:. Simple and complex. But for those of you who feel like you need more help at this juncture of your life, I do think the Nodes are the richest astrological point to help you. This is the time of your life when you become an Elder, and it is indeed time to see oneself as a wise man or woman and to act the part with quiet dignity.

But give yourself a good Saturnian Reality check now. Saturn is the archetypal planet of reality that rewards in the long run for work well done, but who, as the Lord of Time, can bring delays and occasional moments of melancholy. We lose our naivete, but gain a larger perspective. In these years some people move into more serious grand-parenting or caring for their elders, or taking classes and committing to pursuing something new, or get laid off work. The reasons for the changes may be unclear now.

Aging is new to us. We may have to experience the chaos of unexamined beliefs. As Kathleen Singh says in her book Grace in Aging :. Saturn demands that we work for a new life; nothing is given, but its rewards are the greatest. As some have said this can be the best opportunity to clean up our act. When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate. Saturn externalizes an internal situation. Saturn brings up material from the unconscious so at this time of change and opportunity there can also be a crisis which demands that we act.

Sometimes it can be subtle and not threatening but it can occasionally be more insidious.

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She was a free-spirited woman with no boundaries who accepted everybody unconditionally. Characteristically she also left the doors and windows of her house unlocked at night. It has been said that as the body ages, depression and physical difficulties inevitably arise.

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This is because now is the time to cut them off—to be done once and for all with them! But the last straw can be the hardest. The hallmark of the Second Saturn Return is that if you deal maturely with the old pockets of unfinished business you gain the gift that will last till the end—the gift of wisdom. And how do you do that? Priorities need to be clearer and metaphorical closets and basements cleaned. There is a need to look at what we feel may be untrue and let the illusions go, lest these old ghosts feed on us and make us bitter.

Sometimes they are our children. It has often been said that under strong Saturn transits one can choose between exhaustion and depression—some choice!

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It implies that because Saturn is often about doing hard work in the real world that exhaustion is the better choice—indicating as Mark Twain once said:. So, what are the tools needed to successfully navigate Saturnian waters? Here are a few ideas:. Be Discerning. Use your new wisdom to make wise choices based on clarity of intention. Dream into your future and discern the path through the woods.

At these times there is a necessity to pull back from the excesses of your younger years and to know what you can and cannot do. Take Heart. Find ways to reach out to others and be humble enough to ask for advice. If your marriage is in trouble, ask yourself the questions: Is the relationship the true source of dissatisfaction or is it the repository of my own misery?

Go Deeper. No quick decisions either: instead hold the tension of the opposites and conflicts within yourself till you see the emergence of a new idea that truly feels right. As was said so many years ago:. Dig deep-—the goodness—is down there. And as you keep digging it will keep bubbling up.

Saturn Is Now in Capricorn — and It Could Be a MAJOR Astrological Event for You

Marcus Antoninis. Take Action. Saturn ultimately rewards those that act and depress those who procrastinate. Prove him wrong. First published in: www. Author: Elizabeth Spring M. IAM is for professionals astrologers, students of astrology and for all astrology lovers. IAM is associated with most relevant schools, journals and people in the astrological field. We will meet the love of our life -- or bolt from the partner we thought would be our happily ever after. The pressure can feel insurmountable.

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  4. If you are in it, take a deep breath, because your so-called "quarter-life crisis" could just be part of growing up. Although growing pains can be difficult, if you navigate this fierce storm wisely, you can come out stronger, braver, and happier than you ever thought possible.

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    Studies show that rates of anxiety, depression, motor-vehicle accidents and alcohol use are at their peak from 18 to 25, trends that tend to level out by age A recent survey by Clark University, which polled more than 1, young adults nationwide, found that 72 percent of them said this time of life was stressful and 33 percent said they were often depressed.

    Still, 89 percent believed they would eventually get what they wanted out of life. And after surviving my own Saturn Returns, I can tell you about the light on the other side of the tunnel.

    I am living my dream life today and it came about because I dove deep into my depression. I rolled up my sleeves and I got to work. I asked myself, "Who are you? Saturn Returns can help you be a stronger person.


    Your future self is rooting for you! If you are currently in this grey period of your life, try one of these tips to help you through. Don't be afraid to release what no longer serves you. Do you hate your job? Now is the time to quit and take a job that brings you more joy. Are you feeling suffocated in your relationship? Maybe it is time to say goodbye, or at least to renegotiate things to help you both be happy. It may feel like your world is turning upside down, but what is really happening is that all of the things you have outgrown, or no longer want, are coming loose so you can step into a revised version of yourself.

    Remember, things fall apart so better things can fall into place. Revise your expectations -- both of how you thought your life should be at this point, and where you think you are going. Saturn Returns is all about exploration, learning and deep inner reflection. Be gentle to yourself during this three-year period; don't hold on to anything too tightly and learn to embrace change. Saturn Returns is all about self-reflection. Turning inward will help you ride the waves more smoothly. Let your imagination and those inner voices guide you.

    Astrology And Adulthood: What Is The Saturn Return Anyway?

    If you dream about traveling the world taking photos for National Geographic, but you currently feel trapped in a desk job, trust that picture in your mind. Where our mind drifts to the most often is where our heart is. Let yourself dream about your inner-most desires. By visualizing yourself doing things that bring you joy, you can step into your future more gracefully.