January 30 leo daily horoscope

This is the type of question you'll have to resolve today. Rumors might be spread amongst your circle of friends, some of which may not be kindly meant.

Leo: Your daily horoscope - October 09

Someone feels betrayed and feels the need to lash out against the betrayer. Don't get caught in the middle of someone else's quarrel. For the most part, everything is going very well for you now, and you don't need to clutter up your life with negative energy. Try to avoid touchy situations, and by tomorrow the energy will pass.

Rejection is a risk you may have to face. It could come from anywhere, but should it come from your peers, you would do well to remember that fair-weather friends are no friends at all. If you have done something that some people find distasteful, then expect them to tell you so. A true friend will let you know how they feel, but respect your right to choose, while a fair-weather friend will judge you by your actions and leave.

Horoscope today: January 30, 12222

However, the idea of love and romance becomes a distant memory following some family issues on Wednesday. Now is the time to land a new job or push for a promotion. Up until October 9th, your relationship is completely faultless.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

It would seem likely that before the week is out you will have decided upon a sudden change of plan. There is too much at stake now for you to risk losing your head or giving up on a major objective. Even if nothing is planned, you can be sure that a change of scene will be deeply stimulating and highly enjoyable. There is now nothing to hold you back.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Even at work, where you might be more than usually conscious of delays and obstacles, you may get around any problem with a little imagination and sensitivity. In many ways, it is possible for you to become a law unto yourself. Not a bad thing, you might think.

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  6. Yet there are times when you should listen carefully to the wishes of people around you who, it must be said, are more experienced: you still have a great deal to learn! For the next month you must put additional effort into your professional goals, or into any activity which holds out the promise of enhanced respect and prestige in your community.

    Within a few days, you may be forced to depart from previous practice.