Cupido astrology synastry

This brings out the TRUE feelings of love, what can bind people in a way that makes them both feel as if they are fated to be together. That is where the asteroids sneak in, like Juno, Valentine, Amor, Cupido, etc. They add more of a binding to the relationship and make you feel connected on a soul level.

Asteroid Juno in the birth chart and in synastry

After reading, this truly made me consider the Twin Flame theory, but I think this would have more to do on how these asteroids come in contact with your personal planets. Valentine in Synastry but focusing on the easy aspects such as Trines, Sextiles and Conjunctions. I will make another post on oppositions and squares. They will be drawn on a magnetic level.


Spirits will be lifted; the Sun will feel beautiful around the native and the native Valentine will do everything in their power to be close to the Sun. This is a beautiful aspect that encourages love and mutual support. This is a pleasant position, one that serves to bind two people spiritually and emotionally.

The flow between both parties will be noticed by everyone around them. Their connection can even be on the psychic level.

cupido in synastry - Lindaland

Mercury meshes perfectly with the asteroid person, allowing them to expand their creative side. Thoughtful discussions begin with these two that can make them connect on an intellectual level.

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Venus to them is the object of their desire, their Princess or Prince Charming incarnate. This will most likely feel fated and if there is a double whammy, the reciprocation will be incredible between both parties.

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Here Valentine will muster the courage and want to take on the role of the protector. Mars fuels their energy and gives them the tools needed to be braver and go forth with what they want. Love here may or may not be passionate. It can either cause a passionate connection or it can empower the couple in a more platonic way. Valentine grows, and Jupiter feels the effects.

Many of us are familiar with Cupid, the diety of love, always depicted with his bow and arrow.

To those with a weakened Venusian synastry, this aspect can bring some of the fires Venus has not been capable of producing. Both parties love one another and provide support. When Pallas is square to Cupido, it means that your romantic nature is at odds with your practical needs in a relationship.

My Pallas in Taurus H9 wants freedom and passion while also having commitment and deep understanding, meanwhile my Cupido in Aquarius H7 wants to fall in love with every compatible soul I meet, which is at odds with my need for deeply committed intimacy. Hard to describe this.

These two planets are quite compatible, so the quincunx being an ambiguous aspect is likely to tend more positive in this case, but with a separation that isn't evident in a trine or sextile. Here, my Jupiter in Cancer amplifies my emotionality, while my Cupido in Aquarius has me falling in love in ways that seem detached, which appears out of step with my Jupiter's energy but it's not opposite to it Capricorn , and in fact is a step forward from it - Aquarius , hence in this case the quincunx is leading from Cancer forward into Aquarius , channeling my Jupiter energy into my seventh house..

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